Hi there 👋 I'm Nicklas

I do my best practicing what I preach;

Dream big, live in the moment, define yourself by what you love, learn by doing, discover your authentic self, eat your own icecream, have integrity to speak up, lend a hand, be kind, dare your fears, and keep an open mind.

The thought manifests as the word,

The word manifests as the deed,

The deed develops into habit,

And the habit hardens into character.

So watch the thought and its way with care,

And let it spring from love

Born out of concern for all beings.

I'm a realistic optimist that strongly believe that the world needs your creative & boundless energy. I primarily use written communications to build systems to discover insights, realize ideas, and achieve the changes I'd like to see in life. (Never-ending WIP)

You can also find me on LinkedIn, if you're more interested in my professional history. While it reflects my journey so far it might not be the best prediction of where I'm heading. Still figuring that out BTW, unsure what I think of titles and labels.
I aspire to do great things… I guess only time will tell.

Music is my muse; I used to play some instruments, but nowadays I mostly just enjoy, dance & sing (in the shower) to the inspiring works of others. I do have planned to pick up playing again, and writing some own music at some point. Unless death beats me to it.

Learning is best done by immersing oneself in experiences, even the painful ones, and always by standing on the shoulders of giants and starting from first principles. I prefer storytelling & visualizations in various manners to effectively express and share ideas.

The most amazing things happen when and where people meet & collaborate, why I try to carve out time and maximize the chances to connect with fellow humans on a regular basis. I'm incredibly grateful for everyone I crossed paths with so far. I sometimes forget but try to remember tell them that, too. We're all one, bound to each other.

The world doesn't have nearly enough love & compassion it needs, I mostly only share that kind. I prefer to engage in constructive discourse, preferrably face to face. We humans are mostly wrong when we think we're right. Me included.
It wasn't that long ago the earth was flat!

I'm fascinated by space & time. Books, maps, photos, and videos are probably the best approximation to time travel I've seen so far. That said, I'm more intrigued by the inner journey than wandering the world. But sometimes doing the latter helps with the first.

Oh, almost forgot! I just love chocolate, tea, and coffee in all its forms. And cake. There's always room for cake.

With love ❤️  ng